Who Am I?

I am what some people call: a “Cuban-American”. I was born in Cuba and left very young with my parents, escaping communism and coming to a new land where we could be free, where we could teach our children our values and beliefs without persecution, and live in a Land that we could call our own.
I have lived most of my life in the United States of America. Many of my relatives have been born here. It is in USA that I studied my career. It is here, in the USA, where some of my own relatives have also served in the Army and Air Force to defend this country that gave them so much. Although I have lived in The United States more years than I lived in my own country of birth, I still cherish the traditions that were transmitted by my parents. The main treasure that I inherited from them was my faith and my values, for which I will be forever thankful. In addition to that, many of our traditions, especially when it comes to food and cooking, are still very much present in my family, especially when we celebrate traditional American holidays and feast days.

What do I mean by that? For example, when we celebrate “Thanksgiving”, we cook turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, but we also have pork, rice and beans, “Yuca con Mojo”, fried plantains, and our own homemade desserts that can be flan, bread pudding, etc. To end our celebration, we make a good Cuban coffee, very strong and sweet. We normally don’t eat our Thanksgiving dinner until late that evening; that means, until all of our relatives have arrived, and until we have finished conversing (very loudly) and sharing precious moments together. Once we finish eating our dinner, we also spend some time enjoying each other’s company and talking about millions of things. We can even play a board game such as “dominoes”, very traditional in our Cuban culture.

At the end of the night, it takes us really long to say good-bye. We might start, for example, in the kitchen area announcing that we are leaving, but then, we might begin any other type of conversation just about anything, which can take us a good fifteen minutes to almost half hour right there in the same kitchen area. I know, we said that we were leaving. Well, then, we proceed to the living room, where we still have other anecdotes to tell the others, which could easily take us another half hour. Finally, when we make it to the door, we might forget that there is something else that we want to talk about, and we could spend probably twenty minutes or almost another hour talking to our other relatives right there at the door, just to end our evening with a good, warm, and tight hug, as if we had never seen each other in “years”, and we probably live in the same town, or a few blocks away.

The same thing happens with Christmas, and any other celebration. We have adopted and we deeply love The United States of America as our own, but we also cherish and have preserved our own traditions.

This website is nothing more than a collection of those delicious recipes with which I grew up as I child. It is a collection of all the food that I remember I enjoyed eating at my house or the house of my relatives. I know that we cook with a lots of spices and sometimes plenty of what we today call: “calories”, but in the end, it is food made with abundance of love. We put our hearts into our cooking, and we feel happy when others enjoy it, and I hope that you enjoy my website, as well.